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Matting and flooring solutions

Matting is fundamental to modern building design. Innovative matting can protect workspaces, prevent dirt and moisture entering the building, enhance comfort, prevent slipping, improve hygiene while still looking beautiful.

We have a matting solution for almost every commercial, industrial and leisure application:

Manufactured from innovative anti-microbial material that prevents growth of bacteria
100% nitrile for excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents.
Provide efficient drainage and allow air to circulate.
Slip resistant for a safe footing in wet conditions.
Easily cleaned
Cushioned surface for reduced breakage and comfort offering effective anti-fatigue with surface options that stimulate blood circulation.

In addition to matting, we also supply anti-slip and safety flooring and tape.

Household Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

Sales and servicing of household equipment, consumables and chemicals. Our range of quality equipment and cleaning chemicals will save you a fortune.