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Stripping and Sealing of Vinyl Sheeting and Tiles.

The Strip & Seal process works on the following floors types: Terrazzo, Marble,
Agglomerate Marble, Vinyl, Limestone, and Sadler Tile.

Are you wanting to strip away the coats of grime and worn sealant of your flooring after a busy year? EC Clean has all the products and equipment and is able to provide you with the necessary training to restore your floors to a like-new appearance and protect it from future damage.

Our recommended equipment & products:

Follow this basic 3-step-process to ensure you Strip and Seal your flooring correctly

1 Apply solution:

Make sure the surface has been cleaned of all dust, sand, and stones using a vacuum cleaner or disposable
Masslinn® cloth. Apply a solution of Industrip to the floor that is diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow contact time of approximately 10 minutes with the floor. Scrub using a low-speed scrubber fitted with a 3M Black Stripping Pad. It is recommended to strip 10m² at a time. The floor should be double-checked for any remaining polish and should be re-stripped in these areas if necessary. Use an edge cleaning tool with a black pad for detailed work.

Products: Stripping agent (Industrip) | Low Speeds Single Disk (Viper LS160) | 3M Black Stripping Pads

2 Remove remaining residue:

Vacuum the dirty pro strip and old sealer solution from the floor with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The floor should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any remaining chemical residue.

Products: Wet & Dry Vacuum (Viper LSU135)

3 Apply finish:

Shine finish:
For a shine finish, apply 3 coats of Polymer H/Polymer R using a wonder waxer applicator. Each coat should dry properly before the next coat is applied. In a well ventilated room the sealer should take approx 30 minutes to dry completely.

Products: Sealer (Polymer H / Polymer R) | Sealing stick (Wonder Waxer) | Sealing Bucket

Matt finish:
For a matt finish we recommend ProFloor HM sealer. The floor should be left for several hours to allow the sealer to dry properly and cure. For optimal results, burnish the floor after 48 hours with a High-Speed Buffing Machine (Viper HS350/DS350) and 3M Red Buffing Pad.

Products: Sealer (Polymer H/Polymer R) | High-Speed Buffing Machine (Viper HS350/DS350) | 3M Red Buffing Pad

Want to Strip and Seal your flooring but are unsure where to start?

We are here to help. We offer all machines, products, accessories, and training necessary to Strip and Seal your floors. Contact us and we will advise you on the process and give you the necessary training to ensure you Strip and Seal your floors correctly.